Milton’s Marilyn: The Photographs of Milton H. Greene (James Kotsilibas-Davis, Joshua Greene, Photography by Milton H. Greene)


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This book unveils probably the last and definitely the finest, unpublished piece of the jigsaw making up the now immortal image of Marilyn Monroe – photos taken by famous photographer Milton Greene who was Marilyn’s artistic advisor, agent, and business partner from 1954 to 1957. It was Greene who, by clever manoeuvring, freed Marilyn from the shackles of her contract with Twentieth Century Fox and together with her founded the independent production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, Inc.,“ which produced the superb Marilyn Monroe films Bus Stop and The Prince and the Showgirl. The relationship between Marilyn and Milton was always a difficult, but highly fruitful one. It broke down in 1957, when Marilyn’s husband Arthur Miller began to take care of her business affairs. Our book, first published in 1994, offers a rich selection of this photographic treasure. Marilyn Monroe never looked as erotic, as elegant, and as stunningly beautiful as she does in these photography by Milton Greene.