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Beyond Contemporary Art explores an international group of artists whose diverse creative practices over the last decade have been instrumental in the development of the contemporary art world. The vibrant contemporary art scene is one of constant expansion and innovation, where artists are continually reinventing themselves and dissolving boundaries in artistic disciplines. Etan Jonathan Ilfeld provides an illuminating introduction which discusses the development of international art fairs, the growth of graffiti and street art as well as the technological advancements which have enabled the creation of iPhone art apps, virtual reality, synthetic biology and computer art.

This visually stunning and accessible book emphasizes the increased hybridization of the art world, which spans disciplines ranging from science, design and architecture to new media, filmmaking and performance art. Beyond Contemporary Art surveys the work of well-known artists, such as Damien Hirst and Gerhard Richter, as well as new and emerging ones such as Katie Paterson, whose projects attempt to visualize invisible forces such as dead stars and melting glaciers.

This book reflects the playfully subversive nature of contemporary art and would appeal to any reader interested in the international contemporary art scene.

Stav: 10/10.

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