Colour: The Professional’s Guide: Understanding and Mastering Colour in Art and Design Paperback – November 5, 2015 by(Karen Triedman)


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Colour is one of the most complex elements of design and it is also what people respond to first on an emotional level, whether they are surveying a restaurant interior or browsing an online catalogue. An in-depth understanding of colour is one of the most important and useful assets available to a visual professional. Working successfully with colour in a global community involves understanding colour theory and psychology, as well as geographical and historical reference. This information is covered thoroughly, with clear and precise explanations and examples. Colour: The Professional’s Guide is comprehensive, offering informative techniques, examples, inspiration and, above all, exemplary solutions to fit the designer’s every need, whatever their discipline. Beautifully illustrated with over 300 colour images, this guide removes the grey areas from the full colour world of contemporary design, providing designers from all disciplines with everything they need to become true, confident colourists.

ISBN: 9781781572047

Stav: 10/10