Groupies and other electric ladies


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„She got her man. He was the cat they were all after and she got him.“ (Opening quote from the original Rolling Stone featuring The Groupies.)

The 1960s were a time of cultural revolution, with music leading the way. From small clubs to giant festivals, such as Woodstock, music became the heart of a new generation’s rallying cry for love, peace and harmony. With men (mainly) leading the way on stage, the girls backstage started to create their own form of liberation too. These young girls were better known as the Groupies. Girls who loved music and the men who created it.

On February 15, 1969, Rolling Stone magazine issued a „Special Super-Duper Neat Issue“ called „THE GROUPIES and Other Girls,“ featuring the work of their chief photographer Baron Wolman. This issue would become iconic, a milestone issue, making the girls instant celebrities. With this one single issue, the Groupies arrived.

Now – nearly 45 years later, ACC/Iconic Images are proud to publish – for the first time – in one single volume: Groupies, the photos of Baron Wolman. With more than 150 photographs, including never-before-seen outtakes and contact sheets, Groupies documents these women as they were in the late 1960s. From Miss Pamela (Pamela des Barres) to The Plaster Casters of Chicago, this incredible collection of photos – along with original text and interviews with several of the women today – stands as an historic social and cultural document of some very sexy girls enlightened by one of the most influential decades of the 20th century.

ISBN: 9781851497942