Hiroshige Prints and Drawings


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Utagawa Hiroshige (1797-1858) holds a place in the history of art as one of the greatest masters of the wood-block print. This is an overview of the accomplished artist who, together with Hokusai, was the leading creator of landscape imagery in Japanese printmaking. If Hokusai is recognized for his bold compositions and clearly defined forms, Hiroshige is the master of the passing moment – the artist of mist, snow and rain. The immense popularity of Hiroshige’s prints meant that they were continually reprinted, wearing down the woodblocks. For this work every effort has been made to reproduce only the finest early impressions. Each plate is provided with a commentary by Matthi Forrer who, in an introductory essay, examines Hiroshige’s life and work, assessing his place in Japanese art and making important revisions to the generally accepted chronology of his oeuvre. Other essays draw attention to aspects of Hiroshige’s life and work which have often been overlooked, and place Hiroshige and his art in their social and political context. The volume also includes maps, a chronology, a glossary and a bibliography.



ISBN: 9783791325941