Isabella Rossellini: In the Name of Father, the Daughter and the Holy Spirits; Remembering Roberto Rossellini +DVD


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Roberto Rossellini, famous Italian film director and icon of neorealism, would have been one hundred years old on May 8, 2006. Isabella Rossellini, daughter of Ingrid Bergman and Roberto Rossellini, and herself a film star, bestselling author and celebrated photo model, has created two very special homages to her father on the centenary of his birth: a short film entitled My Dad is 100 Years Old, directed by Canadian filmmaker Guy Maddin as director—and this many-voiced, richly illustrated book of remembrance. In the Name of the Father, the Daughter and the Holy Spirits, Remembering Roberto Rossellini, features texts and illustrations by Isabella Rossellini; entries by Ingrid Bergman, Roberto Rossellini, François Truffaut, Eric Rohmer and Guy Maddin; and numerous film stills and photographs by Herbert List, Clifford Coffin, Gordon Parks, David Seymour, and many others.

Texts by Isabella Rossellini, Ingrid Bergman, Federico Fellini and many others

Roberto Rossellini, (May 8, 1906 – June 3, 1977) is considered one of the most innovative and influential of post-war film directors. Among his most significant films are: Rome, Open City (1945, with Anna Magnani), Stromboli (1950, with Ingrid Bergman) and Germany, Year Zero which he filmed in 1948, working with amateur actors in a bombed-out Berlin. He was married to Ingrid Bergman from 1950–1957 and had three children with her, one of whom is Isabella.

Isabella Rossellini was born in 1952 and grew up in Rome and Paris. At the age of nineteen she moved to New York where she began her career as a film actress, under the direction of David Lynch in particular, and achieved international fame as the exclusive model for Lancôme.