Journeys in Calligraphy: Inspiring Scripts from Around the World (LACH DENISE )


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Not only do scripts and alphabets form bridges between cultures, but their history and the stories they tell are the perfect springboard for calligraphic experimentation. From India to Ethiopia, Tibet and beyond, Denise Lach has travelled widely in the world of script. Here, she documents complex and simple characters, playful shapes and vibrant colours, which she then translates into her own visual art. She demonstrates the exciting design possibilities offered by script: you can repeat, turn, mirror and rotate letters; you can also experiment with rhythms, contrasts, colours and line widths. In addition to calligraphic techniques, Lach introduces examples from printmaking, fabric printing, collage making and digital techniques. As illustrated by its beautifully photographed works of art on paper, stone, fabric or ceramic material Journeys in Calligraphy will take you to many surprising destinations.Table of ContentsIntroduction Early Writing Ethiopian Script Swahili Kannada Tibetan Burman Runes Malay Script Other Journeys


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