New Chairs: Design, Technology, and Materials (Mel Byars)


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Chairs continue to captivate the imagination – even people who are not design aficionados love chairs. Though there have been a number of books on classic chairs, contemporary design has been largely ignored. Offering 67 examples of the most intriguing chairs recently created, this book features work by designers whose nationalities range from Thai, French, Israeli, American, British, Canadian, Italian, and German to Danish, Lebanese, Brazilian, Polish, Chinese and Japanese. Chairs by famous names, such as the Campana brothers, Tom Dixon and Marcel Wanders, as well as by lesser-known designers are included. In addition to large-format images of the completed designs, ‚New Chairs‘ includes drawings, prototypes, and photographs of manufacturing processes. The background information accompanying each example is complemented by the designers‘ own words, describing how they arrived at their solutions.