The Jewish world : 365 days


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The breadth of images displayed in this book offers a revealing, varied, and at times surprising look at the Jewish World. Some of the objects that can be discovered in this accessible volume include a circumcision set from Bohemia, rendered in gold, silver and steel (1681); 19th century incense burners from Yemen; silver fish-shaped spice boxes from fin de siecle Austria; and a Passover set created by contemporary artist Amit Shor in 1989. In addition to archaeological sites, ancient manuscripts and artefacts, works of art and ceremonial objects, the book also will include many images that evoke the history of everyday life in Jewish communities, for example, of jewellery, costumes, toys, household items, folk art, and period rooms. While the specimens originate from all corners of the globe, they are currently housed in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, which has the world’s pre-eminent collection of the archaeology of the Holy Land, Judaica and fine art. Founded in 1965, it is the leading cultural institution in Israel and one of the most extensive and comprehensive encyclopaedic museums in the world.

ISBN: 9780810955790