The Pearl of Vienna (Lifestyle)


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The address of Am Hof 2 lies directly in the heart of downtown Vienna, inside the boundaries of the city’s historically significant UNESCO World Heritage Sight. But it’s not just the location that is exceptional: parts of the Roman military camp Vindobona, and later the Babenberg Castle, occupied this place. The building itself is also a historically-protected site and boasts an equally storied past. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was one of the first neoclassical edifices built in Vienna, originally the headquarters of the Austrian Landerbank. Nearly 100 years after its construction, it underwent painstaking renovations that transformed it into a luxury hotel without equal. The carefully restored guest rooms sport an Art Deco look, and luxurious suites, restaurants, and bars provide visitors the feeling of a bygone era. Thanks to this richly illustrated coffee table book, you can also be a guest at the most prestigious address in Vienna.