The World of Digital Art


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Digital Art is the newest, most innovative trend in contemporary art. Whether it is on the internet, 3-D animations, modified computer games, or even media platforms, there are countless possibilities to explore. The author guides readers on an exciting journey of discovery through comprehensive documentation, from the beginnings of the medium in the 1960s to the present day. The World of Digital Art is alluring not only in terms of its subject matter, but also with its numerous large-format illustrations and clear, modern design. Films and animated software pieces can be viewed on the accompanying DVD or in the sequences of images in the book. There are also thought provoking essays written by curators, art historians and artists, presenting various perspectives on the topics. The layout of the book has been created by an artist involved in the digital scene. All of these elements combined make for an exciting work, for those already involved with digital art and curious beginners alike.

ISBN: 9783833153457

Stav: 9/10.