This is a Good Guide – for a Sustainable Lifestyle


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This is the definitive and comprehensive guide for what you can do about climate change and to contribute to a better world. It contains lists of go-to shops, beautiful brands, inspiring insights, surprising facts and useful solutions. Through in-depth interviews with leading pioneers, such as Livia Firth, Green Kitchen Stories and Andrew Morgan, you will find exactly what you need to live a more sustainable life.After all, doing good and feeling good at the same time: does it not get any better than that?This revised edition is the newly updated version of the international bestseller This is a Good Guide – for a Sustainable Lifestyle (30.000 copies sold worldwide). All stores, brands, addresses and initiatives are up-to-date with new shops and labels. The book has new interviews, revised facts and figures, and an additional eight pages of tips and tricks.

ISBN: 9789063694920