16th century paintings Rose-Marie


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Contents: The Sinner and the Eccentric Hieronymus Bosch: The Ship of Fools, between 1480 and 1516, Strange Quartet, Hans Baldung Grien: The Three Stages of Life, with Death, c. 1510, Composure in the face of misfortune, Raphael: The Fire in the Borgo, 1514-17, The femme fatale charms the devout viewer, Niklaus Manuel: The Execution of John the Baptist, c. 1517, The battle to end all Battles, albrecht Altdorfer: The Battle of Issues, 1529, Careers in the king’s service, Hans Holbein the Younger: The Ambassadors, 1533, From the canopy of Heaven to a four-poster bead, Titian: Venus of Urbino, c. 1538, The utopia of common huntmanship, Lucas Cranach the Younger, The Stag Hunt, 1544, The third voyeur stood before the canvas, Tintoretto: Susanna and the Elders, C. 1555, The Lord sits at the table of lords, Paolo Caliari (Veronese): The Marriage at Cana, 1562/63, The Antwerp building boom, Pieter Bruegel the Elder: The Tower of Babel, 1563, For Tiber, read Seine, Antoine Caron: The Massacre by the Triumvirate, 1566)


ISBN: 9783822855584