All Allure


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Erotic art dates back to ancient times and has continued to be a subject of artistic expression throughout history. Today, the presence and overexposure of nude bodies on the Internet and television have influenced and changed the definition and very notion of erotic imagery.

The featured work in All Allure expands on the classical definition and world of erotic motifs and displays a contemporary approach on erotic visual culture by showcasing works from graphic design, fashion illustration, photography and performance art.

The captivating works collected in this book are the best indication of the trend of eroticism outside the mainstream. The sexy, romantic, seductive, provocative, sensual and sometimes naïve charm of these images is surprising, fresh and original. All Allure is not only a source of inspiration for creatives and designers but also a unique documentation of a new era of erotic art.

ISBN: 9783899551006