Art Deco fashion. Ediz. (Pepin Press)


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In the 1920s, not only were architecture and art influenced by Art Deco, fashion was, too. Designers were inspired by the stage sets of the Ballet Russes, fabric designs and costumes from Leon Bakst and creations by the Wiener Werkstatte, just to name a few. Women’s increased participation in sports, along with the introduction of energetic dance styles required a different type of dress, and technical advances resulted in the availability of new fabrics. These factors played a role in a true fashion revolution: fashion designers created new silhouettes and innovative details, and used new colours and luxurious fabrics. At least as important was the use of typical Art Deco patterns for textile decoration. ART DECO FASHION DESIGN contains more than a 1,000 beautiful fashion plates, including designs from famous Art Deco designers such as Paul Poiret, Charles Worth and Jean Patou. The book comes with a free CD containing wonderful Art Deco patterns that have been meticulously restored from period originals.