Art+Com: Media Spaces and Installations (Joachim Sauter, Susanne Jaschko, Jussi Angesleva)


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With its more than 20-year history, ART+COM continues to play a central role in defining the international forefront of spatial media communication. The studio is setting the standard of excellence in the development of projects at the intersection of art, media, design, and technology. ART+COM is particularly skilled at presenting brands and content both effectively and playfully so that they resonate on an emotional level. A prime example here is the Kinetic Sculpture that the company created for BMW, for which the company has won an impressive range of awards including Clios, a Cannes Lions, Art Directors Club Awards, and a Gold German Design Award.In ART+COM: Media Spaces and Installations the group presents its quintessential work with new media as well as insights based on its perspectives and experience.


Stav: 10/10.