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Artists‘ Handmade Houses is a collection of 13 homes handcrafted by the finest artists and craftsmen in America, including George Nakashima, Henry Varnum Poor, Sam Maloof, Wharton Esherick, and Russel Wright. Built over the course of 75 years, from the late-19th century to the mid-20th century, these homes were each designed and built by the artists as an expression of their aesthetic sentiments, and in many cases, as extensions of their artwork. As such, these private domains are utterly unique and deeply imbued with each artist’s singular vision and talent. A few of the homes have been awarded National Historic Landmark status, and several are open to the public, while still others have sadly fallen into disrepair or are now in the hands of new owners. In a few cases, the photographs in this book represent the last record of the house as created by its artist resident.

Praise for Artists‘ Handmade Houses:

„The house histories by Michael Gotkin are concise and illuminating; the new photography by Don Freeman, stunning.“
-The Wall Street Journal

“This gorgeous collection of houses handcrafted by some of America’s finest artists is not only a must-read but a must-examine-closely.”

The Chicago Tribune

„There’s ample opportunity for both looking and learning with Artists‘ Handmade Houses.“

„Freeman’s ability to capture details . . . coupled with a good eye for scale, gives the reader a true sense of place; Gotkin’s insightful text is an added delight, deepening readers‘ appreciation of the design that makes each home so unique.“