Cézanne Vollendet Unvollendet


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The story of Cézanne’s fame and influence cannot be separated from his ‘unfinished’ works. Immediately after his death, these works were already held in high regard both by Matisse and the Fauves and by Picasso and the Cubists. With these works, Cézanne opened up the 20th century and pointed the way to the future, right up to abstract painting. Cézanne had the aim of renewing painting on the basis of classicism and establishing Impressionism so that it would be as firmly rooted and long-lasting as the art in museums. But no other artist has created so many ‘unfinished’ works. Examining paintings and watercolors, including the monumental still lifes and the late paintings from Montagne Saint Victoire, this book shows clearly that what is ‘unfinished’ in Cézanne’s work is not a sketch, not a preparatory study.


ISBN: 9783775708784