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Architectural mastery with handcrafted details, enhanced with all of today’s modern conveniences, is on full display in the elegant residences of Ralf Schmitz’s extraordinary portfolio. Whether urban villas or townhouses, Wilhelminian style or Art Deco, glimpse refined classical architecture combined with state-of-the art finishes as you tour an array of luxury interiors in this opulent book.

Exceptional Homes shows a variety of distinctive, newly constructed buildings and ultra-stylish homes in prime locations. The showroom apartments in Berlin, Düsseldorf, and Hamburg feature exquisite furnishings and tasteful color combinations that make them truly inspiring. Traditional architectural layouts are skillfully re-imagined and re-designed for modern living, allowing for light-flooded floor plans with harmonious room sequences to create beautiful, upscale home environments

Even the common areas of the unique properties are splendidly accentuated–lavish lobbies and elaborate elevators make the mere arrival to a building or residence a memorable experience. Exclusive cooperative projects with prestigious interior design professionals, such as Jacques Grange and Tomas Maier from the Italian luxury label Bottega Veneta, demonstrate the exceptional standard upheld by this historic company. All structures are designed by renowned, highly sought- after architectural firms.