Fashion Textiles Now (Janet Prescott)


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Before the beautifully tailored men’s suit or the exquisite gown appears on the catwalk or in the store, the most important element comes into play – the place where fashion starts – the fabric. But how much do we actually know about the textiles we are wearing and does it matter?

The textile industry is active all over the globe. Behind the catwalks there is a whole hidden system which combines industry, glamor, high finance and above all, design. Its scope runs from high-tech industrial complexes to traditional spinning and weaving. It encompasses haute couture and tailoring for the elite to handmade craft fabric made on traditional looms and the everyday clothing we buy in our favorite shops. It is leading the heritage revival, seeing the renaissance of old established mills and skills, and plays a part in the growing influence of sustainability and green attitudes to manufacture.

This book, written by textiles expert Janet Prescott, is a guide to all types of fashion fabrics from the traditional tweeds to luxury fabrics containing lapis lazuli and diamonds to the newest hi-tech textiles as well as recycled and eco fabrics. Do you know whether your underwear is made of crab shells? Could you be wearing milk and coffee? Can your T-shirt stop you from getting skin cancer? These are just a few of the intriguing questions the author addresses in her book. With information on where each fabric comes from, how it is made and its properties, Fashion Textiles Now provides a complete guide to fashion textiles.

Whether you are a student or professional in fashion, textiles, design or merchandising, a costume designer or curator, this book is for you.