Framing the Nineteenth Century

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A richly illustrated source book, detailing materials and methods of manufacture, Framing the Nineteenth Century is a select catalogue of frame makers and frames from the early 19th century to the early 20th century. For a long time the frames of the 19th century were seen as poor imitations of the craftsmanship of earlier centuries, but in this book frames are celebrated for their unique qualities. Designed as a reference for professional frame makers, restorers and conservators, the book will be of equal interest to art collectors and anyone interested in the rich and diverse world of 19th-century design and manufacturing. Framing the Nineteenth Century focuses on English, European and Australian frame makers and through detailed illustrations, profiles of frame sections, dimensions and notes on manufacture and materials, is both a survey and a pattern book for the period. Includes a cross-reference index to artists.

ISBN: 9781864701999

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