Luxury Living by B+ Villas (Ouvrages sur l’habitat)


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The ‘key-to-the-door’ method was at its zenith at the beginning of the 70s. Aime Vandepoel, having just finished his studies as a civil engineer-architect, saw it with dismay. He understood that potential clients needed clear budget and time agreements, but found it a pity that architecture had to make sacrifices for purely economic principles. He joined forces with a group of colleague engineer-architects and put together a method to combine high quality architecture in various styles with the certainty of the key-to-the-door concept. They chose the name B+ ESTETIC with the subtitle ‘Company for Aesthetic Home Building’. The name was changed to B+ Villas when the company concentrated on building villas several years later. The unique co-operation between the architect, study bureau and contractor allows a custom-made total package to be offered to clients, in which the design, construction, project co-ordination, detailed finish, interior design, decoration, garden laying and even the relocation and upkeep of the villa can be included. This book illustrates selected works from the B+ Villas portfolio – each one a study in ‘luxury living’.