Room Outside: A New Approach to Garden Design


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This is a thoroughly revised and beautifully illustrated edition of the book that first made garden design accessible to everyone. In „Room Outside“ John Brookes invented the highly practical concept of the garden, however large or small, as a usable extension of the home. That was nearly forty years ago and, while the range of products and materials has increased dramatically, the role the garden can play has not changed at all. Indeed, as a retreat from the hectic world of work and as an overflow to family life, our outdoor space has become incredibly important and „Room Outside“ is even more relevant to 21st century living. John Brookes deals systematically with the creation of a contemporary garden whatever its size, from a tiny roof terrace to a substantial suburban plot. He sets the scene by exploring what we can learn from the evolution of garden design and use, and then asks the vital questions: ‚What do you want?‘ and ‚What have you got?‘ Then he brings together all the practical aspects of successful garden making, from basic planning, ground shaping and drainage, to enclosure, hard and soft ground surfacing, and maintenance and improvement.
Chapters on planting and cultivation give advice on plant selection and transplanting semi-mature trees for instant effect, as well as modern interpretations of wilder plantings that work in small spaces. Substantial coverage of special features ranges from formal and informal water, herb and vegetable gardens, to children’s play areas that are attractive as well as fun. „Room Outside“ is a book full of ideas, with a final chapter on garden furniture, lighting, containers and ornament that completes its comprehensive coverage. Now with 300 full-colour photographs as well as 250 diagrams and garden plans, „Room Outside“ tells you everything you need to know to create a garden for use and enjoyment as an extension to 21st century living.