Tools for Living: A Sourcebook of Iconic Designs for the Home (Charlotte&Peter Fiell)


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Tools for Living is a book all about ultimates – the ultimate things designed for the home – from chef knives and pots and pans, to door handles and bathroom taps, to home-office furniture and garden tools. Well-designed objects not only have superior performance but also look better and last longer, which ultimately means that they are more sustainable and provide better value for money. They also give the user a satisfying sense of reliability – they are the household tools that we use on a daily basis, which enhance life.

Many of the objects included in Tools for Living are famous design classics, which are still in production. This comprehensive sourcebook features them beautifully, with full descriptions of their historic relevance and design excellence.

Manufacturers’ web addresses are shown for each product, so readers can easily find where to buy them. The introductory essay explains why Good Design for the home should be an important feature of our daily lives and how it makes sense not only for aesthetic and functional reasons, but also for economic and environmental reasons too. An essential sourcebook for all design lovers!